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Standard of living refers to the material basis of well-being, which is reflected in a person’s consumption level.Because of this, academics and policy analysts often use real income as a proxy to measure living standard.Goldman Sachs and Teen Vogue picked out young women ages 13-29 that they defined as fashion forward, and polled these select girls to find out which brands they love the most.These "It Girls," according to the study, obviously have discerning taste in brands.

Filipinos tend to be very tolerant of diverse lifestyles, which may be one reason why prostitution and sex tourism have flourished in the Philippines.Standard of living, in turn, is one of the important determinants of well-being or happiness.Obviously, improvement of living standard constitutes the most important objective of plans and programs of both developed and developing countries.She's also frequently spotted wearing the label's clothes.What it is: The luxury brand has branched out from the trenchcoats that made it famous.

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