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S., weeklong trips to Cuba and 12-day tours of Bali that include elephant rides and temple tours."We travel with about 1,000 singles per year and have 25,000 globally in our database," Weiler says."We had four engagements last year that we know about and one couple did their wedding with us on the New Year's Eve cruise."I have a soft spot for guys who are a little nerdy."The two really hit it off, signing up for the same excursions, the same dinners and hanging out with the same group of people."I wasn't sure if we would keep in touch after the trip, but we ended up sending long e-mails and texting everyday," Abbott recalls."About two months after the trip, I had to change my cellphone plan because I was texting far over my original limit."Fast forward three and a half years, and the two lovebirds are hitched."It's nice to meet someone in a social setting without any pressure of it being a date," she says."Unlike traditional dating, you get to spend time with someone for more than one evening and you get to see them outside of their comfort zone," says Tammy Weiler, president of Singles Travel International, which, in addition to hosting cruises, also plans weekend trips to jazz festivals in the U.

We are happy to welcome single travellers and small groups looking for a singles resort from all over the world.In other words, they are giving a breather and hightailing it out of town to give singles tours a try. With her 40th birthday right around the corner, she finally had the time and resources to travel more."But my friends were all married with children or couldn't afford to join me," she explains."I Googled 'single travel' and found several companies."Lucky for her, she met the man of her dreams the second night of her cruise to Italy and Spain."He was interesting, funny and a little nerdy," Abbott says.(Yes, they are Hollywood A-listers who may never even know your name, let alone that you exist. ) The only problem with being a member of such a large unmarried group, informally known as “America’s Singles Club,” is that your prospects need to live within a drivable or walkable distance — unless you and your future beau can tolerate a completely or partially virtual relationship. Regardless of your preference, know that Wallet Hub is cheering for you.With your love life in mind, our data team compared the 150 most populated U. cities based on 29 key indicators of a location that’s friendly toward a single-but-looking status.

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