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Montana obviously isn't the only islander to get jiggy so far – Amber and Kem have been at it like rabbits (which her mum is chuffed about) and Jess and Dom were one of the first couples to go all the way., Montana's mum Sarah Brown, 51, explained: "A mum doesn't really want to be involved in that side of her daughter's life so I would rather not have seen that."She has a lot of integrity and high standards.Usually Montana is laid back when she meets somebody and will take her time and obviously she hasn't."It has been an interesting version of Montana, which isn't really her. They have a video chatrooms with lots of friendly women looking for fun.

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While Nathan and Chyna received the fewest public votes and were eliminated immediately, fan favourites Montana and Marcel then had to choose another two dumped in a shocking twist - bidding farewell to newbies Craig and Danielle.

On Sunday afternoon, someone called the police, who opened the car to a grisly scene: A man, 24, and a woman, 21, both shot once in the back of the head, likely by someone in the car with them, Homicide Capt. Clark said it appeared the victims knew their assailant.

But the case, he said, was “very much a whodunit.” Police on Sunday night were trying to learn how long the two had been in the car.

Its tinted windows made it difficult to see inside, police said.

One woman who lived on the block, who declined to give her full name, said another neighbor had peered into the car Sunday afternoon, saw the bodies inside, and called police.

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