Egg brain first dating day lyrics

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This article is under the scope of the Character Cleanup Project and has yet to be cleaned up to a higher standard of quality.It may contain errors, spelling, grammar and structure issues, or inconsistent formats.I'm goin' (yes I'm) goin', I'm a-goin' to the Goin' to the (hard) ware I'm goin', really goin' to the Goin' (hard) I'm goin' to the (hard) oh yes I'm goin' to the Hardware store I'm goin' (yes I'm) goin', I'm a-goin' to the Goin' to the (hard) ware I'm goin', really goin' to the Goin' (hard) I'm goin' to the (hard) oh yes I'm goin' to the Hardware store Would you look at all that stuff. Another pretty mama got her eye on me At the party at the leper colony Oh, there's a party at the leper colony There's a party at the leper colony (Party at the leper colony) There's a party at the leper colony (Party at the leper colony) Oh, there's a party at the leper colony, yeah, party at the leper colony Well, there's a party at the lepr colony (Party at the leper colony) Hey!To All The Girls Shake Your Rump Johnny Ryall Eggman High Plains Drifter Sounds of Science 3 Minute Rule Hey Ladies 5 Piece Chicken Dinner Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun Car Thief What Comes Around Shadrach Ask For Janice Yea...Shake Your Rump Now I rock a house party at the drop of a hat I beat a biter down with an aluminum bat a lot of people they be jonesin' just to hear me rock the mic they'll be staring at the radio,staying up all night so like a pimp I'm pimpin' I got a boat to eat shrimp in Nothing wrong with my leg I'm just B-boy limpin' Got arrested at the Mardi Gras for jumping on a float The above sample could come from any number of places, since it was a fairly common disco call: two possible sources: "Let's All Chant" - Michael Zager Band (1978) and "8th Wonder" - The Sugarhill Gang (1980). Dre is the former NWA member and producer extraordinaire. Other DJ's he'll put your head out A puppet on a string I'm paid to sing or rhyme Or do my thing I'm in a lava lamp inside the brain hotel I might be peakin' or freakin' but I rock well The Patty Duke Show, the wrench, and then I bust the tango I'm full clout ya'll, I'm full clout ya'll And when the mic is in my mouth I turn it out ya'll I'm full clout...Since this same Sugarhill Gang song gets sampled a little later in the song, it's quite possible it came from there. Since I have received some mail concerning this, I will rectify here any confusion: Doctor Dre should not be confused with Dr. Never been dumped 'cause I'm the most mackinest Never been jumped 'cause I'm known the most packinest Living on borrowed time and borrowed money Sleepin' on the street there ain't a damn thing funny Hand me down food and hand me down clothes A rockabilly past of which nobody knows Makes his home all over the place He goes to sleep by falling down on his face Sometimes known as the leader of the homeless Sometimes drunk and he's always phoneless Sleepin' on the street in a cardboard box He's better off drinkin' than smokin' the rocks Johnny Ryall, Johnny Ryall Kickin' uptown Kickin' downtown Kickin' crosstown Johnny Ryall, Johnny Ryall He drinks where he lies He's covered with flies He's got the hand me down Pumas and the tie dyes Tie dye fashion consisted of dying cotton fabrics with various colorful dyes while the garment was tied into folds or bunches. You know that vacant lot Right beside the gas station? Lo is marryin' this week A 30 second spot, then we come back to "Are You Hot? ) "You're gonna lose your mind watching TV" They told me, cajoled me, "Turn off that Oprah Winfrey show! ) I got it on C-SPAN, TV Land and HBO The Learning Channel and MTV and Lifetime (yo! HARDWARE STORE by Al Yankovic Nothin' ever (ever) happens in this town Feelin' low down (down), not a lot to do around here I thought that I would go right out of my mind Until a friend told me the news He said, "Hey!

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You can help clean up this page by correcting spelling and grammar, removing factual errors and rewriting sections to ensure they are clear and concise, and moving some elements when appropriate.MCA *hu-huh* I'm gettin' rope y'all Routines I bust and the rhymes that I write And I'll be busting routines and rhymes all night Like eating burgers or chicken or you'll be picking your nose I'm on time, homey, that's how it goes You heard my style I think you missed the point *it's the joint * The first reference, lyrically to DJ Hurricane, who became their full-time DJ after Doctor Dre quit during the "Together Forever" tour with Run D. The result was brightly colored clothing approximating an acid trip, hence it's popularity in the 1960's. Around 1954, Sam Phillips assembled a group of new, young artists: Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison, and Carl Perkins.While rockabilly was already a musical style, it was largely this group of luminaries, Elvis most notably, that is reponsible for the international phenomenon known as rock and roll.He lives in the street but he's no bum A rockabilly star from the days of old He used to have teeth all filled with gold A platinum voice but only gold records On the bass was boots on the drums was checkers Louis Vuitton with the Gucci guitar "Night Train" - James Brown (1961).Several site visitors have hipped me to the fact that Night Train is also a brand of cheap wine, which given the context of the lines surrounding it, makes perfect sense.

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