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"I just needed to read a little to realize that this was a rather stupid thought.The half-life of C-14 is almost 6000 years, which provides miserable resolution for the time spans we were interested in." But Frisén didn't give up on the idea completely.At the Karolinska Institute, Jonas Frisén got caught up in this excitement as well and turned his thoughts to methods development in an attempt to see if the animal results held up for humans."I first thought of traditional carbon dating used in archeology, which takes advantage of the radioactive decay of C-14," he said.

(Let’s face it, grandma still doesn’t get it.) Then, there are the people who want a real relationship and have no idea how to navigate the seriously f-ed up dating world we’ve created.

"Let's Talk About Dating with a French Woman" series, featuring Frenchy Flo (fun, open, real & uncensored) at TAPA TAPA Restaurant is presenting this second gathering of many to come, June's topic will be: ONLINE DATING DISSECTED!

We'll have (juicy) story sharing, tips & advice and lots of fun in a laid back atmosphere/zero judgment zone/no taboo!

The Familists believed that Niclaes was the only person who truly knew how to achieve a state of perfection, and his texts attracted followers in Germany, France, and England.

Several Protestant sects of the 16th and 17th centuries were called Enthusiastic.

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