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The implantation failure is defined by patients who are transferred at least 6 good quality embryos on 2 or 3 transfers without falling pregnant.Naturally we are a species with low reproductive efficiency as the implantation rate is approximately 35%, the remaining 65% of embryos not implanted are divided equally into two groups, embryos with anomalies, and interactions between endometrial and altered embryo.Porno Porn Videos Online Gratis Chat Nieuwe Bildtzijl Gratis Negerin Free Chat Sex.Sex Film Gratis Porno Free Women Seeking Women Rande Zou.

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Below we will explain the main differences between these two techniques of assisted reproduction in a simple way.

An excellent rate of pregnancy after an IVF cycle is around 60%.

We know that the endometrium is only receptive during the period called the implantation window.

This period is between the 6th and 7th day after ovulation.

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